What To Do If You Don’t Like Your Microbladed Brows

If you were unfortunate enough to get a botch job on your brows, or if there is just something minor that bothers you about them, my advice to you would be to seek out a seasoned artist for a correction consultation.

A good correction artist will not tell you what you want to hear. She/he will tell you what needs to happen to correct the issue. I can also tell you that a good artist will not usually let a client design their own brows completely. AFTER he/she proves the measurements correct, she/he may then follow your design.

There is an artistic method of mapping brows to fit any face based on the facial morphology. The artist should start with precise measurements of your face. Placing brows randomly until they “look good” is not a sure fire way to guarantee symmetrical results.


Tracey Collett, Founder of Collett Academy