Fact vs Fiction about Microbladed brows

FICTION: Previously tattooed brows CANNOT be microbladed.

FACT: SOME previously tattooed brows CAN be microbladed, provided the background color is uniform in shape and light in color.

FICTION: Correction on previously tattooed brows CANNOT be accomplished with microblading.

FACT: True and False…mild correction and shape realignment CAN be accomplished by a talented artist.  If the shape and color are wildly off, this sort of correction would not be possible without removal of the previous tattoo.

FICTION: Microblading is SEMI-permanent.

FACT:  Microblading is considered a PERMANENT cosmetic tattoo.  Many artists advertise this service as semi-permanent, partly because of the appeal of it being semi-permanent.  Microbladed brows have similar maintenance requirements as other forms of permanent cosmetics.  We do not consider other forms of permanent makeup as semi-permanent. They will never fade completely away and must be maintained yearly.

FICTION: Knowledge of blood borne pathogens safety is NOT required for artists offering microbladed brows.

FACT:  This is a very serious procedure not to be taken lightly.  It is imperative that the artist performing any sort of permanent cosmetics has been properly trained in blood borne pathogens safety.


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