Eyebrow Focus Add-On Course

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Eyebrow Focus Add-On Course

Eyebrows can be somewhat solid, a powdered look, hair strokes or ombre. This course is designed to teach all of the specialized methods of eyebrows using the machine for those who want to be the best in the industry. You will work on live models and you will earn a 20 hour certificate of completion in advanced eyebrow application. You will learn the following:

• Powder Fill brows
• Ombre brows
• Hair Stroke brows using the machine method
• Brow shape correction & color correction for pre-existing tattooed brows
• Hybrid Brows- brows with a soft powdery background and hair strokes on top
• Needle usage for special effects
• Proper Consultations
• Pre and Post care instructions
• Contraindication and health issues

**You must have a minimum of 90 hours of fundamental study and a current Blood borne pathogen certification within the last 12 months in order to take this class. We offer a BBP course to students who need to take one for $19.95.

The tuition for this 2 day course is $1900 plus a $200 enrollment fee. We provide all of the supplies and equipment needed to learn during class hours. A Digital Hand 5 Speed machine is available for $750 and a Revo Machine is available for $500. Additional supplies may be purchased. Call for more details about the machine and necessary supplies needed to begin your business.