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Beginner Microblading Class

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Learn Microblading Today!

Eyebrow Microblading Artists have the potential to earn more money per procedure than any other beauty industry professional. Collett Academy is the premier microblading school in the state of Arizona.

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Are you ready for a change? Are you ready a new exciting and lucrative career?

Eyebrow microblading is the hottest new beauty trend. Your clients will love their new microbladed eyebrows! It will save them time and money. Now they can have perfectly shaped eyebrows, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Your clients will no longer have to worry about unevenly shaped or unattractive brows. Microbladed eyebrows are smudge proof, sweat proof and waterproof. Imagine waking up every morning with perfect brows. At Collett Academy, our graduates learn the fine art of microblading. We teach you about hair growth patterns and how to properly apply them for the most natural looking brows. You will learn how to shape brows based on the morphology of the face, giving an instant face-lift like effect. Sign up for our beginner microblading class today and see why Collett Academy is the premier microblading school in the state of Arizona.

Complimentary Permanent Makeup Kit included with Registration for any Beginner Class!

This Complimentary Kit is a $450 value!

Why our Microblade course is the best in the industry:

  • You will not pass the course until your skills are good enough and you feel confident enough to handle new clients
  • You will get a more extensive education that you can build upon for future education
  • You will have continued support from your educator as they assist you in perfecting your skills during and after the course
  • You will get one on one assistance and guidance during class time
  • You will learn how to manage and open your own business

This course is for the beginner who wishes to learn the art of microblading eyebrows

We offer a 90-hour course of study for the beginner in microblading.  In this course, we teach the art of brow design and hair growth patterns, proper application using microblade needles, proper depth of application, needles configurations and usage, risks and contraindications, color theory for all permanent cosmetics, brow design based on facial morphology, skin anatomy, business protocol, marketing and advertising, record keeping, sanitation and sterilization, business ethics, topical anesthetics and their uses and skin preparation and aftercare steps.

You will graduate with a 90-hour Certificate of completion.

Are you a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician? Here is why our 5 day 90 hour microblade class can help you be successful. 

  • You will learn custom brows, not cookie cutter brows because one shape is not best for everyone
  • Our beginner class will prepare you for our ADD ON classes so that you can offer correction services which is a highly demanded service.
  • Our beginner class in microblading will prepare you for starting a new business or expanding your old business.
  • Learn to turn your existing clientele into permanent makeup clients

How it Works…

Beginner Microblade Classes in Scottsdale, AZ:

This is class is our most popular course. Classes fill up fast and space is limited. Reserve your spot today.

August 2-6

August 23-27

Sept 27-Oct 1

Nov 8-12

Dec 6-10

Beginner Microblade Classes in Pittsburgh, PA:

This is class is our most popular course. Classes fill up fast and space is limited. Reserve your spot today.

October 18-22

*All class dates are subject to change based on demand. 

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