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Tracey and the rest of her staff take their time with every client to ensure that they understand exactly what you want to deliver picture perfect results. We keep up with the latest technology and maintain the highest standards of safety and sanitation. Our staff follows strict sterilization procedures and guidelines to ensure a safe, clean environment. Plus, we use topical anesthetics to allow for virtually painless cosmetic treatments. At most, you will feel mild discomfort.


You will not get taught by a “jack of all trades” at Collett Academy. Specialized topics such as Areola Repigmentation, Butterfly Effect Eyeliners, Scar Camouflage and many other advanced procedures are taught by TRUE EXPERT’s who are masters in that area. We are the finest school around for this reason. We have small class sizes which give you the privacy and individualized attention necessary to learn. We follow the strict guidelines of the SPCP and the AAM education standards for all of our training courses and give consistent support for our students after graduation until they GET IT on their own.


In the beginning of my career, there were not a lot of options when it came to permanent cosmetic training. Most classes were taught by so-so educators without enough experience themselves. Since there was no governing body to hold educators accountable for a comprehensive and safe teaching lesson, there were a lot of misinformed students practicing what I call frightening work in more ways than one. This began with the safety issues not to mention their underdeveloped artistic ability due to lack of proper guidance while learning.


There is so much confusion, even today, about where to go for a “quality” education. People were starving for a place to go with a sound education that would not leave them unprepared for the challenges that they would have in front of them. So many of my students that had been formally trained as a permanent cosmetic artist came to me for another beginner class due to their lack of confidence. At Collett Academy, we strive to give you a solid education and the confidence that you need to be successful.


The Name: Prior to retiring, my father was an antique restorer and craftsman. He would refurbish twisted, swollen, aged and damaged pieces of wood to their original glory. He is a man of great pride in doing things right and his impeccable work showed it. If something wasn’t right, he would start over and work on it until it was perfected. He had a great reputation for his beautiful work. Collett is my family name and I am proud to run a reputable business named after my Father with the same work ethic that he taught me. Collett Academy was born. -Tracey Collett


A great big thank you goes out to my friend and mentor Joyce Cirasoula for all of her kind and patient support and to Dr. Linda Dixon for all of her support, research and education over the years. These two women have lead me through the trenches of my previous inadequate education and brought me to the top of my field as the leading permanent cosmetic artist in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Also, I would like to thank Mark Gonzales and his team for doing such a great job on my websites and for all of his sound marketing advice. Mark will be an important part of our team when training students in our Marketing Permanent Cosmetics 101 Class.