About Me

Tracey Collett

Tracey has a long background in art and design that has been a great foundation for doing very precise permanent makeup (see the Gallery page to view her work). Her steady hand and eye for design ensure a great result. She was originally certified through Tinney Int’l., Inc. New York, then re-certified through Boca ta-2 in Williston FL and has continued her education over the years. She has been a licensed cosmetologist for twenty-eight years and has certifications in, advanced permanent cosmetics, areola repigmentation, scar camouflage, laser tattoo removal, tattoo vanish tattoo removal, microblading, skin needling or CIT and she is Board Certified through the American Academy of Micropigmentation. Tracey only uses the highest quality and most reputable pigments made in the US for the safety of each client.

She ensures the utmost precision and care in the shape, placement, and color of your enhanced look. Tracey believes in keeping up with the latest technology and highest standards of sanitation and safety as she teaches in her school. Her strict regard to following proper sterilization techniques and following stringent sanitary guidelines help ensure a safe and clean environment. Her use of topical anesthetics allows a virtually painless application of permanent cosmetics, tattoo removal or collagen induction services. At most, you will only feel a mild discomfort.

Deby Rasmussen

l am a prior student of Tracey’s. She is very knowledgeable, and generous with the information she shares with us. She sincerely wants us to be successful . I am grateful for her guidance.

Melissa R. Haemmerle

Hello! My name is Melissa Haemmerle and I am a student of Tracey Collett. She is REMARKABLE trainer and educator within this trade. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering becoming a Permanent Makeup Technician, attend the courses provided within Collett Academy! I feel confident to begin my career within this industry!

Heidi Sciulli

Tracey taught the art and science of permanent makeup in great detail. She also taught the ins and outs of how to run a successful permanent makeup business. Tracey worked one-on-one with each student. She took special care to meet the needs of each student individually. Tracey is patient, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable. I have not seen anyone as talented in the field of permanent makeup.

Tina McClinton

February 2015 I did my initial permanent makeup training with Tracey Collett. As a business owner myself, I was first completely impressed with the cleanliness and organization of her facility. Tracey was very friendly and extremely professional throughout my entire training. I felt comfortable with asking questions, or asking for something to be repeated. She is thorough and precise when teaching technique. Tracey’s extensive knowledge in permanent makeup; her patience and ability to teach effectively was worth every penny spent. I will definitely be doing my continuing education with her when the time comes.

Tanya Chasse

A five day permanent makeup class was provided byTracey. We learned the basics of permanent makeup and also got to apply permanent make up on models with Tracey’s assistance. She guided us through all of the steps of setting up a permanent makeup business, obtaining clients, marketing, and how to professionaly work with clients. Tracy has made herself available and has always been just a phone call away to answer any questions. Tracy has incredible knowledge in this field, she is an artist and it shows in her work.

About Collett Academy

In the beginning of my career, there were not a lot of options when it came to permanent cosmetic training. Most classes were taught by so-so educators without enough experience themselves. Since there was no governing body to hold educators accountable for a comprehensive and safe teaching lesson, there were a lot of misinformed students practicing what I call ‘frightening work’ in more ways than one. This began with the safety issues, not to mention their underdeveloped artistic ability, due to lack of proper guidance while learning.

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