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Collett Academy - Our Permanent Makeup & Eyebrow Microblading Classes

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 The 6 biggest Mistakes Microblading Permanent Makeup Artists Make:

1) Learning from a non experienced artist / a person who has never been properly trained to train others

2) Learning from a non-licensed institute

3) Learning the incorrect way VS. the correct way

4) Not thinking about future education prior to signing up for a class / not everyone is a good candidate for Microblading

5) Underestimating the amount of dedication that it takes to become a real professional

6) Limiting yourself to just learning Microblading, which can limit your career goals. When becoming a master artist, educating yourself to be a well-rounded Permanent Cosmetics Artist is a better choice.

Beginner Machine Perm. Makeup Classes

The Collett Academy offers you the best permanent makeup classes and a lifelong relationship, that includes support and advancement throughout your entire career as a permanent makeup artist. Get certified at our Permanent Makeup School today!

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Beginner Microblading Classes

Our Microblading School is known internationally for its beautiful and transformative microblading applications. We cover everything from permanent eyebrows to permanent lip liner and color in our microblading classes. Our beginner microblading class is a (5) day/90 hour course.

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Microblading Add-On Classes

Stay up-to-date on the latest advanced microblading classes in the United States. Our advanced microblading classes are designed for current permanent makeup professionals. This is a (3) day, 30-hour microblading class with Instructor Tracey Collett.

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Machine Permanent Makeup Add-On

We also feature permanent makeup add-on classes for those who graduate from our beginner microblading class. In this (3) day permanent makeup class, you will learn how to perform permanent makeup procedures using a traditional rotary machine. This class is the perfect add-on for those seeking additional income possibilities. Click the “Find Out More” button below.

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Custom Coaching Classes

These courses are for those seeking custom advanced technique training in Permanent Makeup using a machine or using a Microblading Needle. Tracey Collett is one of the most recognized permanent makeup and microblading instructors in the United States. In this custom class, she will personally train you one on one with the areas you seek to improve on.

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Become A Model

Have permanent brows, liner or lips done at a fraction of the price while our students apply the color under close supervision. Sign up to be a permanent makeup school model today and enhance your beauty. This is the perfect way to get professional work done at a fraction of the cost. All procedures are supervised by renown expert, Tracey Collett.

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We Now Offer Tuition Financing!

We now offer financing for our students for up to 14 months interest free! This is exciting news for those of you that need some time to get established and want to pay your education back a little at a time. If you qualify, you will get immediate approval so you can start planning your future right away!
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Spring & Summer 2018 Class Dates

Click on the class name below to see upcoming class dates.
*All class dates are subject to change based on demand.

Classes for beginners

May 16-21, 2018

August 23-28, 2018

Feb 15-19, 2018

March 1-5, 2018

April 4-8, 2018

May 2-6, 2018

June 21-25, 2018

July 19-23, 2018

Classes for Previously Certified Artists

*Must have a minimum of 90 hours of certified training to take the classes below.
March 29-31, 2018

*All courses scheduled by request.

May 21-22, 2017

*All courses scheduled by request.

1, 2, or 3 Day Courses – Scheduled by request. 

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In addition to being a Permanent Cosmetics & Microblading School, we also offer professional permanent makeup in Scottsdale, AZ. Our founder, Tracey Collett is one of the top permanent makeup artist in the United States. Tracey is best known for being one of the top permanent eyebrows and permanent eyebrow correction artist in the country. If you would like to have your next permanent makeup procedure performed by Tracey, contact our school in Scottsdale, AZ to set up and appointment.

We are a BBB Accredited Business and members of both The Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals and the American Academy of Micropigmentation.

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